Eye Bright: Beyond Vision to Vibrant Skin

In the realm of traditional herbal remedies, few plants have garnered as much attention and reverence as Euphrasia, more commonly known as 'eye bright'. A name as vivid as its effects, this small, delicate plant has been used since ancient times, predominantly for its acclaimed healing properties for the eyes. However, its journey from historical treatments to modern skincare reveals a wealth of benefits not just for our eyes but our skin too.


Tracing its roots back to Europe, eye bright was lauded in ancient medical texts for its ability to soothe eye ailments. Ancient herbalists and healers believed that the plant's bright flowers, resembling a clear and radiant eye, was nature’s way of indicating its purpose - a concept known as the "Doctrine of Signatures". Thus, for centuries, it was used in various preparations to treat eye inflammations, conjunctivitis, and other ocular disturbances.


Modern science, always eager to test the claims of history, has delved deep into the compounds of eye bright. The plant is rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, and tannins, compounds known for their anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. When applied to the skin, these properties can translate to a variety of benefits. The antioxidants fight against skin damage caused by free radicals, preserving the skin's youthful appearance. Meanwhile, the astringent nature of eye bright helps in tightening and toning the skin, reducing the appearance of pores, and giving a smoother complexion.


Its anti-inflammatory properties are ideal for soothing irritated or sensitive skin. Just as it calms the inflamed eyes, eye bright can offer solace to aggravated skin conditions, making it a versatile addition to various skincare products.


While we've come a long way from the days of ancient herbalists, the allure of eye bright remains unblemished. Bridging the wisdom of the past with the scientific scrutiny of today, it stands as a testament to nature’s endless ability to nourish and heal our skin.


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Sarah Elahi – CEO & Product Developer

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