Fermented Vegetables

Fermented Vegetables

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Today I shall impart upon you a secret that has been preserved like a well-aged wine: the skin benefits of fermented vegetables. Yes, you heard it right - those tangy, pickled delights not only tantalize our taste buds but also work wonders for our precious skin.


As the world embraces the art of fermentation, our quest for healthier and more radiant skin has found an unexpected ally in these probiotic-packed gems. Fermented vegetables like sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles are veritable treasure troves of beneficial bacteria, lending their probiotic prowess to revitalize and rejuvenate our complexion.


Within each tangy bite lies a plethora of live microorganisms, known as probiotics, which bestow a host of skin benefits. These probiotics act as harmonious caretakers for our skin's microbiome, the delicate ecosystem that safeguards us from environmental aggressors. By fortifying our skin's natural defenses, these friendly bacteria ward off inflammations and alleviate conditions like eczema, acne, and rosacea.


Fermented vegetables are laden with essential nutrients, like vitamins C and K, and possess antioxidant properties that shield our skin from the villains of premature aging. Collagen production is bolstered, resulting in a firmer, more supple appearance that defies the relentless march of time.


So, dear readers, if a radiant and youthful visage is what you desire, consider making fermented vegetables a delightful staple of your culinary escapades. Your taste buds will dance with delight, and your skin will repay you in kind with a luminosity that will leave others wondering if you've discovered the fountain of youth.


Remember, the secrets of skin alchemy often lie in the most unexpected places.


Embrace the fermented elixir, and let the probiotic wonders reveal their magic upon your canvas of skin.




Here is my very own and incredible easy recipe on how to make delicious, fermented vegetables.


All you need is:

  • 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, wine vinegar, or rice vinegar – all work well.
  • Carrots
  • White cabbage
  • 5 dl of water
  • 1 ½ tablespoon sea salt
  • 1 jar with lid
  • any herbs or spices of your choice (dill, bay leaf, basil, peppercorns, etc.)


You can choose whatever vegetables you like.


  1. Begin by arranging the vegetables (chopped or not) and any chosen spices or herbs in the jar, filling it up to the bottom of the neck.
  2. Dissolve the salt in the 2.5 dl of water by stirring it thoroughly.
  3. Add the 2 tablespoons of vinegar.
  4. Carefully pour the saltwater-vinegar mix into the jar, ensuring it reaches just below the top of the jar. Leave about 1.5 cm of room at the top.
  5. Optionally, fold a small cabbage leaf and place it on top of the vegetables to keep them submerged in the saltwater. If cabbage is unavailable, you can skip this step.
  6. Seal the jar tightly with its lid and store it away from direct sunlight in an area with a moderate room temperature.
  7. After approximately 2 days, you may notice some bubbling. To release excess gas, carefully loosen the jar lid over a sink once or twice a day.
  8. The vegetables will be ready between day 4 to 10, depending on your preference for tanginess. Taste them from day 4 onwards to find your desired level of sourness. Many people prefer them around day 5 or 6.
  9. Once the vegetables have reached the desired level of sourness, transfer the jar to the refrigerator, where it can be stored for a couple of months (though they are likely to be enjoyed well before that time).


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