Effect of pollution: Our nominated Anti-Pollution Arctic Glacier Mist for Costume Skønhedsfavoritter 2023

No doubt pollution does affect your skin. UV rays, smog, dust, and exposure to chemicals on an everyday basis can take a toll on your skin. 

All these factors can breakdown the skins defense mechanism causing significant dehydration, and a tired appearance. Not to mention dry, uneven skin and appearance of acne, eczema & spots. 

That is why PIO have created a mist with Icelandic Glacier Water and antioxidants, that will help your skin against pollution.

This product is specially made for anti-pollution and is fortified by CO2-extracted rosehip and blackcurrant extracts from Antarctica.

The reason it is called Anti-Pollution Arctic Glacier Mist is because it protects against air pollution. Air pollution contains free radicals, which can damage the skin by causing premature aging, wrinkles, pigment changes and reducing collagen production through oxidation of skin cells. Our mist is full of antioxidants, which counteract these free radicals in the air by neutralizing them and protecting cells from damage caused by oxidation. The arctic part of this amazing product comes from Icelandic glacier water. These rich waters contain minerals such as silica, calcium and magnesium, which can moisturize and soothe the skin, promote collagen production and improve the overall health of the skin.

We have also filled this mist with vitamin B3 (niacinamide) which improves the skin barrier, reduces inflammation, and treats acne, hyperpigmentation and signs of aging.

The pH regulating properties of this mist soothes and cleanses your skin, while the mist delivers instant refreshment throughout the day with notes of carrot and broccoli. Broccoli seed oil has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects, while carrot seed oil brightens and rejuvenates the skin with antioxidants.


Originally, our mist was developed, by special request, for one of our dear customers who is an international top model, who wanted a product that counteracted pollution. The product became very famous among her other international model colleagues. When she had to do photo shoots in big cities, like New York and Dubai, she often came home with open pores and polluted skin. Four years ago, we then started producing the mist for others as well, and it quickly became a success.


We are honored that our Anti-Pollution Arctic Glacier Mist has been nominated for Costume Skønhedsfavoritter 2023. You can vote on us here.



Sarah Elahi - Product Developer

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